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Recruiters Haven is more than an average traditional Job Portal, It's a Modernized Social Recruitment/Job portal that creates an efficient and engaging experience for everyone involved, from hiring managers and recruiters to candidates.
Recruiters Haven is a workplace!!!

  • Recruiters can send bulk email to candidates as they migrate from one application stage to another with the Messaging System Feature. Recruiters also have the liberty to contact specific candidate to request for missing details, this tool provides recruiters the opportunity to interact with the candidates in order to achieve their aim of recruiting top talent.

  • With the Collaborating system Feature - Recruiters do not need to recruit in isolation; they can now invite experts in fields they are hiring to help in shortlisting candidates. Recruitment can be done as a TEAM.

  • Social Recruit Feature is the easiest and fastest way to reach potential hires. What better place to share your Job post? Than on Social Network platforms (Facebook, twitter & Google +) which represent the largest online community. I think this is the best tool a Recruiter can ask for - Easy access to the world.

  • I am quite fascinated with the customizable application stages feature , this is new to the e-recruitment industry. Recruiters with varied stages of recruitment can customize each Job posting to specific stages as they desire, AWESOME!!!.

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Recruiters Haven is an online community where hiring managers and recruiters can interact with candidates. Recruiters Haven is the right tool in the hands of a Modern recruiter; Recruiters Haven has tapped into technology to re-invent the recruitment process leveraging on Cloud, social networking, Mobile and the experience of our Team.

  • Post Jobs
  • Export Candidates
  • Social Media Background Check
  • Collaborating system
  • Social Recruitment
  • Automated Post Feeds
  • Messaging System
  • Mobile Recruiting
  • Application Stages customization
  • Career Website development
  • Candidate Management System
  • Recruiters Profile page


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