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About Us

                        We have a goal to reinvent recruitment process in Nigeria.

Recruiters Haven (RH) is partly owned and managed by Okestra Integrated Services Ltd. RH was birthed out of the need to make the process of finding the right job or finding the right candidate a delight.

Recruitment process could be tiring and frustrating especially with the use of outdated technology and the cumbersomeness of using multiple platforms just to find the right talent. We knew there had to be a better way.

Visualize for a moment a platform that is easy to find top talents through a well formulated recruitment process. A platform that gives hiring managers the luxury of collaborating with hiring team, Share Job post on social media, Find candidates using a robust search criterions, Create a list of potential candidates and a host of other features.

Recruiters Haven is recruiters Workspace to Find and Hire Top Talents.